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National FFA Center

6060 FFA Dr.
Indianapolis, IN  46268
Normal business hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET.

Tours of the National FFA Center are available by appointment. Call 317-802-6060 or email for more information.

National FFA Headquarters and Operations

1410 King Street, Suite 400
Alexandria, VA 22314

General Contacts

Department Staff Email Phone Number
Customer Service, Orders, Catalog Inquiries, Shipment Follow-Up Jeff Chaney 888-332-2668
Media Inquiries Kristy Meyer 317-802-4205 888-332-3282
Scholarships Teri Buchholtz 317-802-4419
Membership Manager Jeff Chaney 888-332-2668
Foundation Sponsors Todd Greenwood 317-802-6060
Career Resources –
My Journey and AgExplorer
Ambra Tennery 317-802-4465
Branding Larry Downes 317-802-4365
Convention Mandy Hazlett 317-802-6060
Alumni Joshua Rusk 317-802-4204
Program Name Phone Number
212° and 360° Conferences Casey Zufelt 317-802-4309
Advisor Development Program Kevin Keith 317-802-4254
Ag Ed Resources Ambra Tennery 317-802-4465
AgExplorer Ambra Tennery 317-802-4465
Agriscience Fair Celya Glowacki 317-802-4402
Agriscience Fair Logistics Madeline Young 317-802-4288
Agriscience Teacher Award NAAE 859-257-2224
Awards and Recognition Team Rebecca Carter 317-802-4271
American FFA Degree Logistics Stephanie Kappus 317-802-4308
Bright Ideas (State Officer Newsletter) Justin Davis 317-802-4409
Career and Leadership Development Events Carol Herl 317-802-4255
Career and Leadership Development Events Logistics Morissa Meehan 317-802-4215
Convention Arena Programs Coty Back 317-802-4219
Convention Band/Chorus/Talent Emily Johnson 317-802-4350
Convention Courtesy Corps Emily Johnson 317-802-4350
Convention Delegates Justin Davis 317-802-4409
Convention Director Dale Crabtree 317-802-4353
Convention Hall of States Tiffany Hale 317-802-4498
Convention Housing Ellen Williams 317-802-4269
Convention Manager Mandy Hazlett 317-802-4312
Convention Parking and Shuttle Services Jim Armbruster 317-802-4334
Convention Registration Ellen Williams 317-802-4269
Convention Tours Melissa Higdon 317-802-4343
Convention Student Workshops Casey Zufelt 317-802-4309
Convention Advisor Workshops Sarah Dickinson 317-802-4356
Core Catalog Ambra Tennery 317-802-4465
Distinguished Service Award Madeline Young 317-802-4288
Educational Material Development Ambra Tennery 317-802-4465
Expo Administration Mindy Backes 317-802-4370
FFA New Horizons Julie Woodard 317-802-4310
FFA Pulse Julie Woodard 317-802-4310
Food For America Ambra Tennery 317-802-4465
Honorary Degree Madeline Young 317-802-4288
International Leadership Seminar for State Officers (ILSSO) Shane Jacques
Eric Nelson
Licensing Inquiry Mindy Backes 317-802-4370
Living to Serve Stefonie Sebastian 317-802-4462
Local Program Success Team (LPS) Dale Crabtree 317-709-4353
Logo Request 317-802-6060
National Chapter Award Celya Glowacki 317-802-4402
National Chapter Award Logistics Madeline Young 317-802-4288
National FFA Teacher Ambassadors Sarah Dickinson 317-802-4356
National Days of Service Michele Sullivan
National Officer Selection Process Keisto Lucero 317-802-4321
National Officers Coty Back 317-802-4219
New Century Farmer Casey Zufelt 317-802-4309
Proficiency Awards Brett Evans 317-802-4233
SAE Grants Brett Evans 317-802-4233
SAE Programs Brett Evans 317-802-4233
Scholarships Teri Buchholtz 317-802-4419
Service Engagement Stefonie Sebastian 317-802-4462
Star Awards Brett Evans 317-802-4233
State Officer Leadership Continuum 317-802-6060
State Officers Resource Center 317-802-6060
Teach Agriculture Kevin Keith 317-802-4254
VIP Award Madeline Young 317-802-4288
Washington Leadership Conference (WLC) Keisto Lucero 317-802-4321
Washington Leadership Conference (WLC) Registration Blaze Currie 317-802-4229
Name Title Phone Number
Dr. Steve A. Brown National Advisor and Board Chair
Program Specialist – College and Career Transition Branch
US Department of Education
Mark Poeschl Chief Executive Officer 317-802-4412
David Schapker Chief Financial Officer 317-802-4371
Sherene Donaldson National Executive Secretary
Program Specialist – College and Career Transition Branch
US Department of Education
Carla Saunders Executive Assistant 317-802-4322
Donna Kemp Executive Assistant 317-802-4460
Name Title Phone Number
Dale Crabtree Director 317-802-4353
Awards and Recognition Team
Rebecca Carter Team Leader 317-802-4271
Teri Buchholtz Program Manager – Scholarships 317-802-4419
Celya Glowacki Education Specialist- Agriscience Fair and National Chapter Awards 317-802-4402
Brett Evans Education Specialist – SAE based awards – Proficiency, American Degree, Stars and SAE Grants 317-802-4233
Carol Herl Education Specialist- Career and Leadership Development Events 317-802-4255
Stephanie Kappus Program Manager – SAE based awards, Proficiency, American Degree, Stars, SAE Grants 317-802-4308
Morissa Meehan Program Manager- Career and Leadership Development Events 317-802-4215
Madeline Young Program Manager – National Chapter, Agriscience, Honorary Awards 317-802-4288

Events Management Team

Mandy Hazlett Senior Event Manager 317-802-4312
Melissa Higdon Event Manager – Convention Tours 317-802-4343
Ellen Williams Event Registration Manager – Convention Housing and Registration 317-802-4269
Emily Johnson Event Manager – Convention, Band, Chorus, Talent and Courtesy Corp 317-802-4350
Tiffany Hale Event Manager 317-802-4498